Below are our Terms and Conditions of Service. We have made a few important key points of interest below and the full version is below that.

It is imperative that all information provided is 100% accurate and complete. Including phone numbers, addresses, contact persons and access restrictions for the truck at the addresses. This will ensure your removal goes as smoothly as possible.
The above also applies to your listed inventory or customer advised cubic volume, as we have allocated space on the truck for your goods. Additional charges will be required if there is more furniture than what is listed on your inventory or advised in cubic volume.
Our removalists are required to provide standard transit insurance cover for fire, flood, collision and overturning – this is not an all-risk policy. You can obtain quotes for full comprehensive Removals Insurance from or by checking and/or extending your home and contents insurance policy if available.
By now you should have also received a Packing Requirements email from us, as well as a Booking Confirmation email which will contain an invoice for the required deposit.


1) Definitions and interpretations:
“Customer” is the authorised person booking the work to be carried out regardless if they are the owner of the furniture or not. “Booking Agent” is” Moving Company” in its sole performance as a booking agent/removals broker and service provider to subcontracted individuals and external companies.
“Contractor” is the subsidiary company contracted to perform all aspects of the relocation process for the “Customer” or any other sub-contracting firms engaged within the removals process.
The service provided to the “Customer” is a backloading service. For a direct or premium service please contact the office for an updated quote.

2) Persons of Authority:
The person obtaining the quote and booking the job “Customer” is the owner of the goods or has the owner’s permission to be moving their goods and shall be responsible for the booking and payment of the job. The “Customer” shall be present or will provide an authorised representative who will be responsible for ensuring that the correct goods are loaded and whether such a representative is present the “Customer” shall pay all additional charges whatsoever resulting from the movement of incorrect goods or non-movement of goods that the “Customer” intended to have moved. If the customer cannot attend and an alternative person cannot be present the customer can arrange for access to be granted via leaving a key out. The customer takes full responsibility for any loss or inaccurate items taken.

3) Contact and Quote Details:
All submitted information regarding Contact phone numbers, collection and delivery addresses, Access to addresses and Inventory List or customer advised cubic volume must be checked for accuracy. If any adjustments are required, the “Customer” must reply to the last e-mail received from the “Booking Agent” with the updated information and an adjusted quote will be returned to the “Customer” directly.

4) Access/Ferry vehicle:
Contractor vehicles are predominately semi-trailers. Properties that are unable to accommodate access for semi-trailers will require a ferry vehicle which will be charged to the customer over and above the quoted price. Non-access due to steep driveways and inaccurate descriptions of distance from truck to property will be charged over and above the quoted price. Access to high rise apartments that require a Ute will be charge over and above the quoted price.

5) Piano relocations:
Quoted price for any relocation that has a Piano included is only quoted for ground floor access either for collection or delivery. Even if the access has been indicated on the quote form is more than ground level access. “Customer” must ensure the piano is brought down to ground level prior to collection. Full comprehensive insurance for accidental damage is highly recommended for all piano relocations.

6) Delays/Non-attendance of the Customer/Storage and Re-delivery:
Any delays as a result of weather, road closures, diversions, inaccurate information, non-payment of accounts or nonattendance will be the responsibility of the “Customer” and any possible charges that may arise from weather, road closures, diversions, inaccurate information, non-payment of accounts or nonattendance will also be the responsibility of the “Customer”.

If delivery cannot be completed due to weather, road closures, diversions, inaccurate information, non-payment of accounts or nonattendance the “Contractor” shall be entitled at its discretion to deliver the goods to a local storage facility at the customer’s expense. The “Customer” then has the option to either pay the additional charges for a local move to the “Contractor” to re-deliver the goods or arrange to collect the goods themselves from the storage facility after paying the storage fees and any final payments.

7) Insurance:
It is mandatory for all Roadways Removals P/L contractors to maintain current insurance policies for Standard Transit Insurance; for fire, flood, collision, and overturning of the vehicle.
Please note, standard transit insurance does not cover accidental damages, loss or non-delivery of items that may occur.

We strongly suggest the “Customer” obtain full comprehensive insurance to protect your personal belongings.
Please take the time to consult with your current insurance provider or alternatively visit for comprehensive insurance for your goods whilst being packed, moved, and stored within Australia. “Customer” must be aware that insurance is also not included for any possible damages to property not limited to the household, building, surrounding area including driveways, gardens, water mains, fencing or any other structures.

Do I really need furniture removals insurance?
We’ve all heard the saying “sometimes accidents happen”. Choosing a reputable removalist company such as “Booking Agent”, substantially reduces the risks of accidents happening, however many personal belongings are not made to be transported over long distances, no matter how careful the furniture removalists are.
Many of us have home and content insurance, but unfortunately some home and content insurance policies do not cover your belongings while being transported by furniture removalists. Some policies may offer a limited cover; however, we strongly suggest you confirm your coverage with your insurance company prior to uplift of your goods.

8) Deposits/Payments:
A minimum of a 25% booking deposit must be received within 2 days of receiving the booking confirmation.
If the collection date is within a 5-day period prior to collection, the booking deposit is required immediately.
Space is not confirmed until the deposit has been received. Cheques are not accepted as method of payment.
Deposit payments are received by Visa and MasterCard which incur a 1.5% transaction fee or by direct deposit. Final payments made via credit cards will incur a 3% transaction fee. Any vehicle payments made via credit cards will incur a 3% transaction fee.
Credit cards are not accepted over the phone. Final payment is due and payable in full upon collection of goods, meaning when the “Contractor” collects the furniture items, not when the delivery is performed.
If final payment has not been made for any reason and there are monies outstanding, the customer is responsible for this payment. If the payment has not been received and a debt collection agency is engaged, the customer is liable for the full amount outstanding plus any collection agencies fees and charges over and above the outstanding amount.

9) Schedules / Bookings:
Collections can be made six days per week. Please confirm an approximate schedule with the Operations Department prior to accepting the details of the quote or booking confirmation and paying the deposit. Although “Booking Agent” cannot guarantee collections or deliveries indicative schedule options can be advised. Collections are sometimes required prior or earlier to the indicative schedule date so please be ready in advance. Collections are sometimes delayed for unforeseen circumstances so do not book air flights, travel, or cleaners for the day of the collection.  The “Contractor” confirmation will be sent as soon as the deposit has been received via bank transfer or credit card.

Once the agreed price and approximate schedule has been accepted a booking confirmation will be sent to the customer.

The booking confirmation will have an invoice attached with the agreed relocation details including the quote and any other updated information submitted to “Booking Agent”. The invoice will have the amount for the relocation and a booking deposit that is required to be paid within 2 days of the confirmation. Once the deposit is paid the details will then be sent to the “Contractor” and the space allocated on the truck.

The “Contractor” should call the day prior to collection and advise the collection time for the following day and the same should happen for the delivery. Once the deposit has been received the customer will receive a receipt for the monies paid plus the “Contractor” contact details.
The indicative transit time from collection to delivery is approximately 2 to 7 working days. Any schedule to or from Western Australia and Northern Territory are 5 to 21 working days. Please expect possible delays in holidays.

10) Additional Items/Space requirements:
The “Contractor” collecting the furniture has been given the details of the relocation including the listed inventory or customer advised cubic volume. If any additional items have been overlooked and need to be taken, they will be charged over and above the quoted price at the pro-rata rate.
If additional work is required for additional items to be administered, then the “Contractor” can charge the “Customer” at an hourly rate to compensate for the time. This is at the discretion of the “Contractor”.
Additional volume/charges must be accepted by the CLIENT at the time of collection. If a confirmation cannot be verified by the customer or their representative, any additional items over and above the inventory can be left on site but this is at the discretion of the “Contractor”.
Items larger than normal size or inaccurate items selected from the inventory list that affect the space requirement will incur additional charges at the applicable rate as specified by the “Contractor”.

11) Backloading:
Backloading is a term used to describe an inexpensive moving option where your move is loaded on to a truck that is returning empty back to the town it originally came from.

By moving as part of a backload, you will only pay for the space that your furniture takes up on the truck going in one direction.

Backloading will give greater cost savings on long distance moves but can also be used on shorter distance moves as well.

Backloading does not mean that your furniture will receive any less care & attention than with a normal furniture removal service. It is the same team, with the same experience, in the same truck that you would have used if you paid for a normal moving service.

If you’re flexible about your moving day and time, then this option may be for you. The savings from a backload are because of taking advantage of a truck that is in the right place at the right time. The emphasis is on the timing. If you have the flexibility to move when the truck is passing through your area, then backloading is a great option at a great price.

12) Inventory Lists:
Please check the detailed inventory list for accuracy. If any changes are necessary, please advise the office via e-mail for any adjustments as needed. The inventory list can be adjusted as many times as required up until 5 days prior to collection. Within 5 days prior to collection the space requirement can only be adjusted up. If the customer has listed items that are not taken the quoted price cannot be reduced. If there are additional items taken on collection of the goods, the customer will be charged the additional price at the pro-rate rate as set by “contractor”.

13) Dismantle/Assemble of furniture:
Arrangements can be made for the dismantle and assembly of furniture items provided it is requested in writing in advance to ensure the “contractor” has the correct equipment available. All quoted prices do not include this service and is charged separately.

14) Customer advised cubic meters:
When a “Customer” advises volume/cubic meters in lieu of an inventory list, if the overall volume/cubic meters exceed the nominated space, additional charges will apply at the pro-rata rate as set out by the “Contractor”. All volume is calculated on loadable/stackable space. All items are wrapped in furniture pads and blankets which add to the overall volume and customers who provide volume/cubic meters must take these points into account when providing details.

15) Cancellations:
Cancellations must always be rendered in writing. If the cancellation is advised within 7 working days prior to the collection date the deposited amount (the full amount or any part thereof has been paid) is non-refundable. If the cancellation is advised outside 7 working days prior to the collection date a 25% administration fee will be applied to the account and the remainder will be refunded.
If customers have advised inaccurate information on the quote form and the relocation cannot be affected due to the inaccurate information the contractor has the right to decline the collection of the goods. If this occurs and a deposited amount has been paid the deposited amount is non-refundable.

16) Booking Agent/ Removals Broker:
And the benefits of using Roadways Removals P/L.

The furniture removals industry is the same as any service-based industry; There are good furniture removalists and there are furniture removalists who do not provide the quality of service, the customer are looking for. Obviously, most people who are moving interstate would like to use a professional moving company, whilst paying a fair price for their interstate removals. What chance has a customer who moves once every 5 to 10 years must find a company that will meet all their moving requirements?

They will have to fill in endless quote forms or have several company’s representatives come out and do an onsite quote taking up valuable time and effort. Then they must decide which company will meet the desired price, schedule, and quality of service for their relocation. Once they book with a moving company, they will be one of numerous people moving within that company or just another number.

The benefit of using Removals Brokers like Roadways Removals is that it takes all the hard work out of the whole process. The customer advises their personal details, the addresses they are moving From and To, a comprehensive inventory list, their desired price range and schedule. Removals brokers work on volume and have numerous removalists that do the same runs at different times. This means they can find schedules that will suites as close as possible to the customer’s needs and because of the high volume can negotiate a better deal on the price.

When a customer moves independently, they are just one of many moves for a removals company, but when a customer moves with a removal’s brokerage company, they are part of a much bigger picture. The contractor does not want to risk the high volume of work that the removals brokers provide and ensure all care is taken for those customers.

This does not mean you cannot find a really good removals company that will facilitate all the customer’s requirements, but how do you know who is who. Because a removals brokerage company deals with customers and furniture removals companies daily, all the feedback comes directly to the brokerage company first. After many years of being in the industry, we know which removals companies to deal with and more importantly which ones not to. An interstate removal is a mine field and one of the most stressful times in anyone’s lives. Using a Removals Brokerage Company ensures peace of mind that the customer’s needs are met.

17) Claims/Complaints:
Should any claims or concerns arise due to any works carried out by “Contractor” the “Customer” must send a detailed explanation of the event or events that are of concern directly to the “Contractor” and “Booking Agent”. The contractor will then give a detailed explanation to both the customer and “Booking Agent”. If at the time of the collection, the “Customer” signs “Contractor” paperwork the “Customer” will be bound by such terms and conditions as dictated by the “Contractor” as well as the terms and conditions detailed here.

The “Customer” acknowledges the booking agent is responsible for the processing of “Customer” information and sending the customers’ requirements to the “Contractor” and as such acknowledges the “Booking Agent” is responsible for the quoting, negotiation of terms and booking the “Customer” requirements with the “Contractor”. The “Customer” acknowledges the “Contractor” is responsible for all aspects of the removals process including schedules, loading of furniture items, the transportation of the “Customer” furniture items from the collection to the delivery address and the unloading into the “Customer” premises.

A Booking Agent or Removals Broker is not dissimilar to web jet or The Flight Centre. Web Jet books a customer with the most appropriate service provider for example Qantas or Virgin. So, if a customer’s bag was lost in transit the customer would be advised to make an enquiry or claim with the service provider being Qantas or Virgin.

18) Vehicle Relocation:
All vehicle quotes are separate and independent from furniture prices. All vehicle prices are Depot to Depot unless specifically asked. Vehicle relocations are booked with a dedicated vehicle relocations company which means it is not the same company the furniture is booked with. All vehicle delivery schedules are 2 to 3 weeks.

All vehicles must be drivable unless otherwise advised and quoted on.