The first step to take when planning a move is to compile a thorough checklist for moving, of things to do and think about as you get closer to your move day. This is an important means through which to keep a sense of perspective on the tasks that lie ahead and prioritize so that it’s a well-organized and efficient process.

Disconnect and Reconnect Phone, Gas and Electricity
Change Of Address Notification Service

4 Weeks before moving

Settle any outstanding bills.
Create an inventory list of items you want to move. Separate moving items into categories, such as “moving”, “storage” “disposal”, “giveaway”, and “garage sale”.
Back up your computer hard drive. Ensure that both the printer and scanner are able to be packed securely for travel.
Formally notify your landlord of the date you’re vacating the premises.
Arrange for a property inspection to recoup the bond.
Arrange for professional cleaners / carpet cleaners if required.

3 Weeks before the furniture removals

Begin packing items that are rarely used, such as those stored in your basement, garage or attic.
For unwanted items, consider a charity or a garage sale.
Arrange rubbish removal if needed.
Disassemble any built-in fixtures and fittings ready for transport.
Disassemble outdoor items, such as a swing set and cubby house. Place all bolts, brackets and screws in a labelled, sealed container for safekeeping.
Disassemble all prefabricated furniture — such as a computer desk or sewing machine desk — for transport.
Plan to have sufficient cash to cover the move.
Contact us to book in your low cost removal service.
Confirm your moving schedule with your new real estate agent or landlord. Arrange interim accommodation if needed.
Arrange temporary or permanent storage if necessary.

2 Weeks before moving interstate

Return videos, DVDs, and library books.
Hold your garage sale.
Create an inventory list for each box while you’re packing. Attach it as you pack. Make a copy for every box.

1 Week before the Move

Make arrangements for disconnection and reconnection of phone, gas and electricity.
Collect your spare keys and give them to the real estate agent or new tenant.
Update your major service providers of your change of address.
Plan to use any remaining food in your refrigerator.
Defrost and clean refrigerator.

Moving Day

Check all the cupboards before you leave.
Take five minutes to stroll around for one final check.
Remove the electric garage door opener from the car before you drive off.